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Disponible Encerdados y Reparaciones por Mensajería

Whatsapp English Tel: 634.582.004
Whatsapp Español Tel: 634.540.519
Martes a Sabado Mañanas: 10:00 a 13:30 h
Martes a Jueves Tardes:     16:30 a 20:00 h
WHATSAPP: 634.582.004

Get to know TALLER DE LUTHERIA MALAGA, DENNIS BRAUN, a top Violin Sales and Repair Shop in Malaga, ANDALUCIA, SPAIN since 2016.

Our company was founded by DENNIS BRAUN due to a fundamental love and passion for music. Since then we’ve been offering several more services, including Master Classes, Practice Rooms, and our variety of products has also increased.

We’ve been working hard to establish our hallmark principles, which include meeting and exceeding our customer's’ requirements and selling top quality products for a fair price. Whatever you may need, we’ve got you covered.

Call us today to learn more about what our experts can do for you.

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