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We Sell, Repair, Restore Violin, Cello, Viola and all Bow Stringed, non-electric Instruments. We also do Quality Bow  Rehairing and Bow Sales

Dennis Braun, Luthier
“The passion for violins and bows began in 1976, first as a bow repairman, bow rehairing, then eventually making over 150 bows of the finest pernambuco. The art and science of violin and bow making has always been of great interest.  The acoustical studies of great bows and violins has been the driving force behind all my work.  Making, restoration, buying, selling, and acoustical investigations and setup are the primary activities enjoyed for over 30 years.  Past member of the board of directors for the Violin Society of America, frequent contributor to online publications in the violin trade, inventor, maker, and sales ofThe Bridge Vibrator ® acoustical seasoning tool, The Illuminator LED Inspection Light ®, specialized lighting for violin shops, and the Atwood Sound Post Cutting system ®, a specialized tool that guarantees accuracy and consistency.”

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