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Thomastik RONDO GOLD Violin Set RG100. If you are looking for strings with a warm, shiny sound, the Thomastik-Infeld violin strings RONDO® Gold are just the thing. The strings add an extra golden glow to your performance. Your instrument will thus benefit from an improved response.Similarities and differences between the normal RONDO® strings (NO.RO100) the RONDO® Gold (NO.RG100):Both sets offer easy playability and are suitable for professionals and ambitious violinists. They differ mainly in their sound character - the RONDO® Gold strings sound much warmer and shinier than the regular set.five strings set (with two e strings)E carbon steel / tin plated (removable ball end)E carbon steel / gold plated (removable ball end)A synthetic core / aluminum woundD synthetic core / silver woundG synthetic core / silver wound

Thomastik RONDO GOLD

SKU: 1653
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