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W Seifert viola bow, circa 1990s, pernambuco octagonal stick, niquel ebony frog, French pearl eyes, restored and new hair, new Tip Armour face by D Braun July 23, 69.5 g. This viola bow was made in the Seifert workshop located in Bubenreuth, Germany. The Seifert workshop was founded by Oskar Seifert in 1932 who learned the craft of bowmaking from Albert Renz in Erlbach. They have a wide range of bows from a more student-intermediate level to top-quality soloist bows made by their master bowmakers. The Seifert workshop produce a small amount of bows each year & they are entirely made by hand. All wood used has been naturally dried in their workshop for more than 20 years. Each bow produced is unique & of the highest standard.

W Seifert viola bow

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