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1890 English Cello Restoration

Friday morning work. Almost a full day already, we have been busy.

1890 English cello crack restoration, 1890 Mirecort violin re-graduation and new bass bar installed with fresh hide glue, and the next victim (violin) resting in the back after a badly repaired crack at the center joint and the saddle are washed and bleached clean.

Varnish cleaning, old Mirecort "fancy" violin.

What is on your work bench or music stand today? It is time to finish the week and prepare for a nice weekend of fun with wife and friends.

Many Berna clamps used to provide finger tight when pressure only to the bass bar.
so many old cracks to repair,,, old Violoncello by Anton Winter, London circa 1890-1900.

The Violins will be ready for musician trial in 10 days. Come in and be part of the restoration process by playing these Violins. They have never vibrated correctly and will be anxious to begin singing with a new strong voice.

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